Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Drying moisture within the walls

This commercial property was experiencing water damage from a storm that leaked through the ceiling into the walls. The highly trained storm technicians at SERVPRO were able to detect the leak and start laying down drying equipment. 

Floods Affecting Businesses

This warehouse, located in Belton, MO, was suffering significant storm damage when the rain left the building with two inches of standing water. The business owner called the "Faster to any size disaster" team at SERVPRO of Harrisonville/Belton/Raymore to help restore his business. 

Lost some shingles in the last storm?

When you have lost shingles during the last storm, chances are that you have some water in your attic. Have one of our technicians come take a look and make sure your home is free of water damage.

Tree Fell on House from Recent Storm

A tree fell on this hose during a recent storm.  The tree fell on the back side of this home causing all kinds of damage.  The back bedroom, bathroom and dining room received the most damage.  All three rooms had to be demoed and dried out with dehues and air movers. Once all was dry the crew sprayed anti-microbial and the reconstruction was ready to begin. "Faster to any size disaster."

Storms Blow in Water

When storms blow in water just seems to find a way to get in.  This customer found water coming in through his crawl space which found it's way to a finished basement. For this customer all that had to be done was place some dehues and air scrubbers which allowed our crew to dry in place. After drying was completed our crew sprayed anti-microbial to finish the job. "Like it never even happened."

Unexpected storm during roofing process.

This customer was just having some roof work done when a sudden storm came in and damaged their home.  Roofer did not secure the roof before storm arrived.  The storm soaked all the insulation in attic. Ceiling damage to kitchen, bathroom, bedroom on upper floor along with bathroom and the garage.  Our crew used the Injecte Dri System to dry out the drywall that was salvageable, removed all the insulation in the attic.

We made it "Like it never even happened."

Frozen water pipes during Mid-West Freeze

The owners of this home were out of town during the Mid-West Freeze. A  water line to the upstairs bathroom froze and burst send water down all three levels and running out from under the garage door, that's when a neighbor noticed and called for help. Our crew got this family back in their me "Like it never even happened."

Vacant House with Mold

Our crew was called to this vacant house which had water come through basement window for a long period of time.  Once our crew arrived they began to remove all content, plus carpet and baseboard on the upper level.  Basement was cleaned and treated with antimicrobial as was the upper level.