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How To Fix a Leaking Toilet

5/20/2020 (Permalink)

Leakage of water from a toilet due to blockage of the pipe Always fix a leaking toilet as soon as possible in your Belton, MO home

Take a Look at The Most Common Leaks

One of the most common plumbing problems is a leaking toilet. Some of the causes are easy to fix, while some can be quite serious. Let’s take a look at the most common leaks.

Cracked Toilet Tank
Check around the entire toilet tank for cracks. A small hairline crack may be fixable with some silicone sealant or plumber’s putty. To fix a hairline crack, follow these steps:

  • Shut off the water supply.
  • Completely drain the tank.
  • Dry both the inside and outside of the tank using an absorbent towel.
  • Apply the sealant or putty and allow it to dry.
  • Turn the water supply back on and fill the tank.

If you still have a leaking toilet, or if you spotted a large crack, the tank will need to be replaced before it causes a huge bathroom leak. If flooding occurs, contact a water remediation specialist right away.

Broken Gasket
After shutting off the water supply and removing all of the water from the tank, disconnect the water-supply tube from the shutoff valve. Remove the nuts from the closet bolts. Carefully grab the toilet around the bowl and lift it up. Set it on a dry towel. Scrape off the old wax gasket with a putty knife. If the gasket is cracked or damaged, you will need to replace it. Just make sure it is centered properly when you install the new gasket.

Faulty Flapper
The flapper lifts up when the toilet is flushed. If the flapper isn’t sitting right, the toilet won’t flush smoothly.
Squeeze a couple of drops of food coloring into the tank. After a couple minutes, check the bowl. If any color has leaked into the bowl, your flapper isn’t sitting right. Turn off the water supply and remove all the water from the tank. If the rubber on the flapper is no longer soft, you will want to replace it.
Always fix a leaking toilet as soon as possible in your Belton, MO home before it can cause a serious problem.

Fires Could Happen in Your Home in an Instant

5/14/2020 (Permalink)

A firefighter investigating the cause of a kitchen fire Leaving your oven on accidentally can do more damage than you think.

Leaving your oven on accidentally can do more damage than you think. Leaving the house with your oven on seems like something that most of us have done and will continue to do.

A family recently had the worst-case scenario happen to them when they left the oven and left the house for no more than 15 minutes and it erupted into flames.  Luckily, they came quickly and were able to stop it with a fire extinguisher. But if they had just simply left the house to go to the grocery store and were gone for  just 15 minutes more, their entire home could have been affected.

Just remember to double check before leaving your home.  Fire damage to your home could be detrimental but the restoration process begins when you call us, SERVPRO of Harrisonville/ Belton/ Raymore. Our representatives will ask questions regarding the fire damage event that will help us respond immediately with all the appropriate equipment and resources.

How can SERVPRO help me

We clean, sanitize, and disinfect the restorable items and structure that were damaged by the fire.  We use a variety of cleaning techniques to restore your belongings to pre-fire condition. We also trained to remove odors using industrial air scrubbers and fogging equipment.

How To Fix a Toilet That Won’t Stop Flushing

5/6/2020 (Permalink)

Toilet, Flushing Water, close up Toilet issues should be fixed as soon as possible to avoid a toilet overflow

Many commercial properties have a bathroom open to employees and customers. A malfunctioning toilet can be a significant source of distress for business owners who want to keep their establishment running smoothly. Many commercial toilets have either a manual or automatic flushometer that is prone to kinks, especially excessive flushing that can lead to a toilet overflow. Fortunately, it’s possible to stop a toilet from repeating this frustrating cycle with a little elbow work.

Essential Steps for Toilet Maintenance

A person needs basic tools before attempting a repair project. The following can be found in major hardware stores:

  • Screwdriver
  • Wrench
  • Cleaning supplies

Most commercial toilets have a manual flushometer. Innovative business owners can simply take a screwdriver and put it in the appropriate slot to shut off the water. Then, they can unscrew the top lid of the flushometer and remove the flange cover. They may come in contact with a little residual water, but they should keep in mind that it’s a temporary discomfort compared to cleaning up a messy toilet overflow.
Next, they must remove the gasket and put it under running water to wash off the sediment. They can spray it with a cleaning solution and wipe it down with a rag. Lastly, they can reassemble everything and give the toilet a good flush.
An automatic flushometer requires different steps. Business owners can prevent a toilet flood by disassembling and cleaning the chrome button and solenoid. They can reference the manual that came with the toilet for details.

Advice for Toilet Maintenance
Of course, commercial property owners can experience additional problems with their toilets. Clogged pipes, unpleasant odors, or strange noises may require consulting with a commercial water specialist in Harrisonville, MO.
Toilet issues should be fixed as soon as possible to avoid a toilet overflow. A functioning toilet is key for a successful business, whether it’s a restaurant, hotel, or retail store.

Black Mold: Frequently Asked Questions

5/6/2020 (Permalink)

Insulation covered with mold Affected insulation in a Belton, MO home

Black mold may be extremely common, but are you familiar with facts regarding this noxious and destructive substance? The best way to prevent serious damage to your commercial building in Belton, MO is to understand the causes and effects of mold growth.

Black Mold FAQs

Prepare to be on the defensive against mold. It requires specific conditions to grow and strict standard for its cleanup. Business owners should familiarize themselves with the information explained below.

1. Where is mold found and what causes it to grow?
Because mold spores are microscopic, there is almost no climate where they are not found. Particles are carried on the air and deposited everywhere. They settle and cling to many surfaces, remaining dormant until moisture levels become elevated and growth begins.

2. What materials does mold grow on?
Mold thrives on any organic material it lands on. Concrete; carpet; wooden materials, such as floors, studs, etc.; glass; insulation, wall board, and dozens of other structural materials, as well as in HVAC systems and duct work. As long as moisture is present, mold growth is possible.

3. Does mold cause damage to structures?
Mold is a fungus, which causes decay and rots wood, and can wreak havoc with your commercial building in Belton, MO. When high humidity activates spores, they begin to colonize within 24 to 48 hours, making fast discovery and cleanup critical before it damages and weakens structural materials beyond repair.

4. What is mold cleanup and remediation?
Professional mold cleaning and restoration technicians strict cleanup standards, avoiding contamination to adjacent areas, and minimizing human contact. Specific cleaning and disinfecting procedures must be followed. If significant mold or water damage has occurred, structural materials may need to be removed and restoration performed. Leaking pipes must be repaired and water sources removed. A dehumidifier may be required to prevent recurrence.
Understanding this information can help business owners avoid some of the major damage caused by mold growth. Regular inspection and maintenance of the building is the best defense against this tiny enemy.

Steps of the Flood Restoration Process

4/23/2020 (Permalink)

Worker scrubbing the floor with a brush, wet floor surface Surface cleanup in Belton, MO

Flood Restoration Process

Storm season can stir up many problems for homeowners. When your home in Belton, MO, floods or is otherwise damaged by wind, rain, or hail, storm restoration experts can help tear out ruined material and put your house back together again. They follow these steps to ensure that your home is back to normal as quickly as possible.

1. Water Extraction
After surveying the extent of the damage, the first step is to remove all the excess water. Specialists use industrial pumps and techniques to extract water so your home can start to dry out.
2. Damage Removal
Before your home can be restored, technicians must tear out the materials that can't be salvaged. They remove saturated walls, ceilings, and floors. They also clear out any soggy items that need to be cleaned or discarded.
3. Moisture Control
Drying out the remaining structure keeps water damage from turning into secondary damage, such as mold growth. The mitigation team makes sure that surfaces are dry and takes steps to bring the humidity in your home down to an acceptable level.
4. Surface Cleanup
Water that floods your home during a storm is not clean water. Technicians disinfect your home to rid it of any bacteria that happens to be present.
5. Full Restoration
When you choose a company that handles both remediation and restoration, you know your home is in good hands. The same team that deals with the damage also handles the rebuilding process. They know exactly what is needed to restore your home fully to how it looked before the storm.
After a storm damages your home, calling dependable professionals to fix it is a smart move. They can walk you through what to expect from the restoration process so that you are aware of what's happening in your home. Efficient and expert work helps your home get back to normal.

Why You Should Choose a Mitigation Company To Do the Rebuild

4/13/2020 (Permalink)

Brick wall covered with soot and smoke Fire damage in Harrisonville, MO

Why You Should Choose a Mitigation Company To Do the Rebuild

If your business in Harrisonville, MO, has sustained fire damage, you may not know who to turn to for help. Once the fire crew leaves, the cleanup and restoration process can begin. Depending on the type of damage your building sustained, a variety of experts may be needed to return it to its pre-fire condition. By using a one-stop-shop, you can quicken the restoration process and get back to business sooner. Mitigation companies generally offer all the services you need from assessment through to restoration.

1. Point of Contact

You will likely be provided with a single point of contact. This expert will help you through the entire process and will work with your insurance adjuster. If you have any emergencies or concerns, this is the person that will send the right team onsite to address the issue.

2. Plan of Action

Experts will inspect the damage by going through each room or area and looking for soot, fire, water, and smoke damage. They will put together an action plan based on your unique situation.

3. Protection from Further Damage

The fire mitigation team will usually place a board or tarp over any damaged roofs, windows, or exterior walls. This not only protects from rainfall but also from intruders.

4. Disaster Cleanup and Sanitization

Fire damage can lead to water damage. By working with a mitigation company, the right professional will be sent onsite at the right time, whether you need water extraction and drying or smoke and odor removal.

5. Restoration

During this final step, your business will begin to look like it did before the fire. Damaged items like carpet, paint, and drywall may be replaced.
You can streamline the entire fire damage process by working with a professional mitigation company. When you take advantage of these experts, you can rest assured that they know what needs to be done and have the professional to do it right.

Why Weather Watching Could Protect Your Company

3/30/2020 (Permalink)

Women watching tv and use remote controller Watch the local news for weather events that could impact your business

Why Weather Watching Could Protect Your Company

As a business owner in Belton, MO, you know a lot of wildcards exist, and one of the biggest is the weather. A winter storm could bring high winds and dump loads of snow in your area. A lightning storm could strike your building with a powerful blast. When you run a company or are responsible for protecting its property, watching the weather takes on a focused urgency. Here are a few steps to take that keep you informed of weather warnings:

  • Watch the local news for weather events that could impact your business
  • Keep a mental record of seasonal weather patterns in your region
  • Stay informed with state and federal weather alerts
  • Understand if your building is located in a flood zone

It is important not to be blindsided by severe weather. Being aware helps you take steps ahead of time to mitigate the effects of a storm.

Storm Impacts

A winter storm can impact your business in many ways. It could cause the roads to be impassable, meaning customers will be unable to make it to your store or office for a day or more. It could affect the accessibility of your parking lot. With a little foresight, this can be avoided by hiring a company that has the resources to clear your lot even during bad weather. Heavy snow on your roof could cause storm damage by creating ice dams or even by collapsing a portion of the roof. Ice buildup could result in a pipe break. A storm remediation franchise in your area can arrive to secure your building and remove damaging water.

Storm Preparation

The more time you spend on preparation the less likely you are going to be surprised by a winter storm. Planning ahead pays off by knowing how to react and which companies to call in an emergency. This could result in reduced expenses and a faster recovery for your company.

An Overview of Black Mold

3/29/2020 (Permalink)

Black mold on wall on the top it says MOLD Black mold is nothing to take lightly

There are certain things you don't want to find in your home. Black mold is high on the list. Not only is it unnerving and stressful to have it in your house, but the cleanup costs can be expensive. The more you understand about this fungus, what it is and how it grows, you more likely you are to keep it away.

The Basics of Mold

Mold is a tiny fungus that is present everywhere in the air. It is usually unseen, but it can grow and spread under certain conditions. When mold finds its way into your home, it will thrive in damp, humid environments. Black mold has the following characteristics:

  • Has a slimy texture
  • Can appear as a dark-green color in addition to black
  • Can grow on high-cellulose materials

Common Areas of Concern

Though mold can grow in many places, including outdoors on plants, certain spots are more prone to having this fungus. Areas of your Harrisonville, MO, home with poorer ventilation such as the basement, cellar or attic are places where mold loves to show up. Also, rooms in the house where water is prevalent are common for mold cleanup as well. These may include showers and laundry rooms.

Avoiding Mold

Mold remediation can be a lengthy process. Fortunately, you can find an experienced mold removal company with the skill and equipment to identify mold growth and clean it up. However, with some awareness and preparation, you can reduce your risks of finding it on your property. First, routinely inspect your plumbing system. Check for broken pipes and repair leaks promptly. If you have water damage after a flood or a broken appliance, clean it up immediately. You should also make sure you have proper ventilation throughout your home.
Black mold is nothing to take lightly. The appearance of this fungus is cause for concern, but you can do something about it and have peace of mind.

Exterior Maintenance of a Commercial Building Is Critical for Storm Preparedness

3/19/2020 (Permalink)

Construction worker wearing safety harness and safety line working on a metal industry roof new warehouse You must keep the building maintained to stay profitable

Owning a commercial property can be a smart investment in Belton, MO. Choosing an area where rents are expected to either stay stable or increase can bring a return on investment of around 9%, better than three times the average return on residential rentals. However, to make it pay off, you need to keep up with exterior maintenance to be ready for storms and other issues.

You Must Keep the Building Maintained to Stay Profitable

When a property isn’t maintained, it’s useful life will be reduced – and rents may be as well. Commercial buildings also normally require more maintenance than homes. There are a few reasons for this:

  • Tenants and customers are harder on properties than owners.
  • Commercial operations tend to cause more wear and tear.
  • Businesses are more likely to cut corners on maintenance in the pursuit of profit.

Storm Preparedness Starts With the Cladding

Whether you have siding or cladding on your building, it’s the first line of defense against inclement weather. That’s why exterior maintenance is so important – a tiny leak in the wrong place can cause massive, hidden water damage. Holes in the exterior can be fixed easily if caught quickly.

Yearly Inspections Are Also Essential

A building inspection is not only important for long-term profit, it may be required by law. Having an expert inspect the property is your only way to know what’s really happening to it, especially if there isn’t a full-time building superintendent on-site.

If Possible, Visually Inspect the Property Yourself Every 3 Months

Walk through and around the building quarterly to make sure your tenants aren’t exacerbating an issue. Also, inspect after a significant storm. Pay close attention to vulnerable areas, such as the siding, around windows and visible portions of the roof. If you see rust, you need a follow-up inspection an expert.
If you see an issue in your walkthrough, call a professional storm cleanup company to examine the damage and determine the best course. Good exterior maintenance will help prevent excessive repairs, reduce damage from storms and identify tenant carelessness, but eventually, all buildings will need repairs.

How To Avoid Space Heater Fires

3/19/2020 (Permalink)

Space heater in a office Keep your space heater clear out of dust

A space heater can provide extra warmth. It can also save on heating bills by allowing you to set the thermostat in your home in Harrisonville, MO, on low while still heating the specific rooms you are using to a comfortable temperature. A burned space heater doesn't help you, though. To avoid space heater fires, you need to follow a few simple tips.

Give It Space

The heating elements on a space heater give off an impressive amount of heat, but they can turn into a fire hazard quickly if they are crowded. There are several guidelines to make sure you have enough space around your heater:

  • Maintain radius of three feet from flammable objects
  • Don't use near combustible substances, such as gasoline
  • Keep children and pets away from heater
  • Set it on a level surface so it doesn't topple over

Turn It Off

To avoid having a burned space heater when you leave the room, remember to turn it off. Space heaters should never be left unattended while they are on, especially if you leave the house altogether. In fact, it's a good idea to unplug the heater when you are not at home. Keep an eye out for a frayed or otherwise damaged cord.

Keep It Clean

Keep your space heater clean to minimize fire risk. Dust and other debris can turn a functioning space heater into an electric fireplace in a hurry. Replace filters regularly according to the manufacturer's recommendation so that dirt does not infiltrate the heating mechanism. Follow maintenance instructions so that it not only lasts a long time but also does not become a safety issue.

A burned space heater can turn convenience into a nightmare. By following these simple guidelines, you can increase your creature comforts while still keeping you and your family safe. To avoid having to call for fire cleanup with a restoration company, choose a space heater that is safe and use it safely.